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War is going to disrupt Sleepy Hollow in more ways than one.

"War can tear a town apart but also a family," series co-creator Roberto Orci said at the Television Critics Association fall previews on Sunday. "Can [Ichabod and Katrina] redeem their son or not?"

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The relationship between Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) will also be tested. "Picking up this season, there will be some real trust issues," executive producer Mark Goffman said. "We saw that Crane had betrayed Abbie's trust in redrawing the map to Purgatory."

Does that mean that Ichabod and Abbie won't act on the chemistry that many of show's fans detect? "Crane is married and still hopelessly in love. That can't be forgotten," Goffman said. Beharie added, "I really think it's interesting and fun that she has a relationship with a man but it's not romantic... Crane has become a family member."

Check out more Season 2 scoop from the Sleepy Hollow panel below:

New bad guys Co-creator Len Wiseman revealed that viewers can expect new twists on the Pied Piper, a wendigo creature, a succubus character and "the kindred." His fellow co-creator Alex Kurtzman added that these creatures will be a "manifestation of what our characters are actually going through. The inner demons are manifested as literal demons."

A new ally? "We have a new sheriff in town, Lena Reyes, and that's going to pose a lot of cool conflict with Crane and Abbie as they try to work their way in the precinct," Goffman said. "She has a history in Sleepy Hollow but has been with the border patrol." He added that Abbie has more of a connection to the no-nonsense Lena than she knows, and that Abbie will learn about her own past through working with Lena.

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Staying grounded Don't expect to see Ichabod escape his coffin too quickly. "It's been harder than we thought to get him out," Goffman said. Kurtzman added, "We spent so much time to get him in the ground. What we didn't want to do is just get him right out and make it feel easy."

Surprise for the Cranes Goffman hinted, "We're going to drop a few bombs in this season with Crane and Katrina (Katia Winter) that neither of them could have ever prepared for."

Welcome to 2014! Ichabod's adjustment to the modern world will continue when he witnesses Abbie voting in a polling booth and learns how to drive, which was inspired by Mison's real-life efforts to learn to drive. Also, Comic-Con-goers will see a sneak peek clip of Ichabod's confusion over pen attached to chains at the bank.

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Sleepy Hollow returns on Monday, Sept. 22 at 9/8c on Fox.