Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison

The apocalypse has officially arrived on Sleepy Hollow.

On Monday's midseason finale, our heroes will finally face off against Moloch to stop the End of Days. But taking down Moloch will also put Crane (Tom Mison) in a tricky position as he finds himself faced with fighting his son Henry (John Noble). The question of how to treat Henry — like any other enemy or with familial mercy — has been a touchy subject between Crane and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) throughout the season, but the pair will have to put aside their differences to save the world.

"Crane and Abbie will realize they have to present a united front as witnesses, because the only way that they can take on Henry and Moloch is by presenting a strong front, being the heroes that they're meant to be," co-executive producer Albert Kim tells on the Sleepy Hollow set. "And really, it's the power that they find in each other that allows them to defeat the villains."

Even though Henry will be fighting full force to bring on the Apocalypse, there is still hope of redemption for the sin eater. "Henry has proven that he is clearly on the side of evil. He is the Horseman of War. He's the servant of Moloch. And yet, if he has a soft spot at all, it's Katrina, his mother," Kim says. "She is our way to reach him, and if there's any hope of having Henry either repent or turn against Moloch, it's going to come from Katrina."

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Thankfully, Katrina will be on hand to help the team take down Moloch — and try to sway Henry's loyalties — in Monday's episode. Of course, Abraham won't exactly be pleased to have lost his former fiancée to Ichabod for the umpteenth time. And unfortunately for Hawley (Matt Barr), it falls on him to deal with the unhappy Headless Horseman.

"As renegade and as confident as Hawley is, I think once he's sitting by himself with Headless he's a little, 'I don't know about this. This might have been a bad idea, even for me.' But he does his duty," Barr says.

While the team is forced to juggle a lot of villainous pieces in the midseason finale, for the first time in this war Abbie and Ichabod stand a real fighting chance of taking down Moloch now that they've obtained the Sword of Methuselah. Only, as previously reported, there is a caveat to use the weapon: in order for the sword to work, it must extract the soul from the user. This means that if Abbie and Ichabod want to use it to kill Moloch, someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to do so.

Who do you think will end up using The Sword of Methuselah?

Watch an exclusive sneak peek at the midseason finale below:

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday at 9/8c on Fox.