Shia LaBeouf, Ellen DeGeneres Shia LaBeouf, Ellen DeGeneres

It's been quite a weird year for Shia LaBeouf.

It all began in December 2013 when LaBeouf, 28, was accused of plagiarism. Shortly thereafter, in February 2014, the actor arrived to the premiere of his film Nymphomaniac wearing a paper bag over his head that read, "I am not famous anymore."

This was quickly followed by his #IAMSORRY art exhibit in Los Angeles, which allowed people to ask him questions, talk to him, and say anything they wanted to him while he once again donned the paper bag.

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On Thursday, LaBeouf appeared on Ellen and addressed his recent problems. And because she's Ellen, she asked what we've all been thinking for months: "What happened?"

"Man, I went through, like, an existential crisis, which turned into some explorations," he told her. "I had some hiccups, some judgment errors."

LaBeouf went on to explain that the #IAMSORRY performance piece was a way of getting the negativity he was seeing directed at him online out in to the open. "Let's just see what this negativity is about, let's invite it in," he said. "I was sitting in there broken, and I was really truly apologetic. I was apologizing to the public in a way."

See the full interview below: