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The Sherlock Season 4 Episode Titles Are Hiding One Giant Spoiler

...And what the BBC is keeping secret

Sadie Gennis

With the return of Sherlock only a few months away, we're finally getting some concrete details about what to expect. On Monday, BBC One released two of the three episode titles for the upcoming fourth season.

The first episode is called "The Six Thatchers," which is a reference to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story "The Six Napoleons." In the original story, Sherlock is enlisted to track down a man who shatters plaster busts of Napoleon and soon escalates to murder. (John Watson's official blog previously told his version of "The Six Thatchers" case in 2011, but it's possible that the show will ignore that iteration completely.)

The second episode is called "The Lying Detective," which is a play on "The Dying Detective." In the short story, Sherlock is dying of a rare disease he contracted while on a case, and Watson is called to tend on him. This is almost certainly the episode that will feature Toby Jones as the villainous Mr. Smith, who features prominently in the original tale.

The first two episode titles match the clues of "Thather" and "Smith" that showrunner Steven Moffat previously teased, so the third episode must be the one tied to the final clue, "Sherrinford." And since the BBC didn't release the title for the final episode, it must contain one hell of a spoiler.

Any guesses at what the third episode title will be?

Sherlock returns to PBS in January 2017.