Charlie Sheen by John Sciulli/ Charlie Sheen by John Sciulli/
Denise Richards' Wild Things character is starting to look rather sane by comparison. In a statement to TV's Extra, Charlie Sheen calls his ex-wife's latest round of court-paper allegations - which, in part, regurgitate the Two and a Half Men's star's predilection for online porn - "unlawful and diabolical," and says she's keepin' on with the crazy largely out of spite for his disclosing her request for his sperm to sire another child. "I will not dignify the majority of these allegations... with any measure of response," Sheen says. "On its best day, it remains laughable and inane" - like Hot Shots! Part Deux.... Family Ties alumna Tina Yothers gave birth to her and husband Robert Kaiser's second child, a son named Jake, says People.