Shawn Johnson Shawn Johnson

A man arrested for trying to break into the Dancing with the Stars studios was given a traffic citation in Alabama on the way out to California, according to the Associated Press.

Loxley, Ala., police stopped Robert O'Ryan on March 19 for having expired insurance and tags. He told the officer he planned to drive from Florida to California to meet Shawn Johnson, who is competing on Dancing. "I've been communicating with her. Basically I'm going to try to get her to marry me," he said in a video recorded by the officer's dashboard cam. "My intuition tells me we're going to have a beautiful relationship together," he added.

Loxley Police Chief Chip Cason told the AP that the officer — who said he did not know who Johnson was — acted properly, and didn't see a need to search the vehicle.

O'Ryan is being held on $220,000 bail in Los Angeles. Last week, he pleaded not guilty to one felony count of stalking and to two misdemeanor counts of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. The Olympic gymnast's family has obtained a temporary restraining order against him.