Shadowhunters has seen Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and Clary's (Katherine McNamara) love survive a lot. First they thought they were brother and sister, then they were both with other people and then one of them even died! Now though, we'll have to see if that love can survive being erased entirely.

After helping Simon (Alberto Rosende) out with his personal Praetor problems, Jace kicked back to reward himself with a beer, only to be magically roofied by Lillith (Anna Hopkins). Thanks to a sob story she spun to Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.), Lillith was able to entirely erase Jace's love for Clary, which is good news for The Owl but bad news for Jace.

We had Dominic Sherwood break what this turn of events means for Jace (and Clace obviously), plus what the fallout will be from Lillith taking out the Angel.

Shadowhunters Dominic Sherwood: "It's Almost Like the Writers Don't Like Me"

So first off, why do you think Jace decided to help Simon with his Praetor problem?
Dominic Sherwood:
Jace and Simon's relationship is really interesting because they do have this bond based off of the bite in [Episode 210]. They do have this relationship with one another, and as much as I think they like to pretend that they really dislike each other, I actually think they have quite a lot of respect for each other. You know, Simon is a devoted, honest, wonderful man and friend to everyone around him - very self-sacrificial in very many ways. And in fact, Jace and Simon are actually very similar in a lot of ways... [They're] very happy to be the person to lay on the wire so their buddy can crawl over them. They're very, very similar people in that way. So I think as much as Jace is like, "Oh, whatever, I guess I'll help Simon because I'm bored," that's not really the case. I think he sees Simon in trouble and is like, "I can help you, I know I can help you, we just would never admit it to one another."

At the end of the episode, Lillith erased Jace's love for Clary, but what does that mean exactly? What does it do to him?
Sherwood: What Lillith said before this is, "Oh Clary is the reason that I can't turn you into this creature full time. Clary is the reason that you're not this creature every minute of the day." So she has to get in the way of that. By erasing the love for Clary, what she's done is turn Jace into The Owl. There is no Jace left. The Jace that we see, the physical entity of him, he's not there anymore. He's trapped inside this shell that is The Owl, but The Owl is pulling the trigger. The Owl is driving the car now. That's what's happening, and that's what the transition was at the bar.

Obviously there's some hope of getting him back though, right?
Sherwood: I can't tell you that! You know I can't, come on!

Girl's got to try.
Sherwood: That was close though, good try. Good try.

Shadowhunters: What Is The Praetor?

How will Clary react to losing Jace just when she thought they could finally be together?
Sherwood: Nothing seems to go right for us, it's pretty rough. Clary is in an interesting position where she's kind of both a lover and a fighter at the same time. She knows what the mission is, she knows what she's got to do, but then also her resounding love for Jace will start to get in the way and then not get in the way. She's in this whole dichotomy of what is and isn't the right thing to do, which is really a difficult spot for her to be in.

Lillith also killed an angel this episode, so what is the fallout from that going to look like?

Sherwood: Killing an angel is, I think to us, the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen. Like, it's killing our gods essentially. It's the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen... It does cause a bit of an issue with Clary obviously because she feels responsible. It does become a bit of a roadblock later on actually in the episodes we're filming now like 19 and 20. We do find a couple of roadblocks because this happened, because people are less willing to help or assist, because we've been involved in such an atrocity.

Does killing an angel affect Lillith or her plans?
Lilith doesn't care. She's going to tear down anyone in her path and has made that very clear from the get go. She is going to just stomp all over everything... Later on, we do discover the depths of this kind of weight on Jace. It's difficult to explain because I'm not allowed to tell you what happens, but we are going to see how much this has affected Jace at some point. How, when, where why? I can't tell you.

Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood, <em>Shadowhunters</em>Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood, Shadowhunters

This Week's Exclusive Secrets from Set: As it turns out, ripping out an angel heart is both gross and very complicated. Katherine McNamara took us through the finer details of shooting a scene that relies so heavily on visual effects, explaining that on the day, the angel's wings were actually just two orange sticks attached to his back.

What's most mind blowing is that to achieve that shot where Lillith literally punches through bone, flesh and armor to rip out the heart, "They built a chest cavity with a giant heart-sized hole in the center to match the angel," McNamara says. "The heart itself was a pig's heart!"

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