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Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker Returns to Carrie Bradshaw for a Good Cause

Hold on to your Jimmy Choos!

Lindsay MacDonald

Hold on to your Jimmy Choos, something amazing is in the works!

Sarah Jessica Parker took to Instagram this weekend to tease the return of her beloved Sex and the Citycharacter, Carrie Bradshaw. In a video recreating the opening credits of Sex and the City, Parker teased a brief return of her character in support of a good cause. The Sex and the City theme song scored the video as a dolled-up Parker walked the streets of New York City, even getting sprayed with gutter water.

"Revisiting a beloved character. Briefly and with a twist.Because, thanks to @stellaartois, when you change up the usual you can do good. X, SJ," Parker wrote.

Though originally vague about what this partnership for a good cause would be, we now know Parker is teaming up with Stella Artois, a Belgian pilsner, to help fun a clean water initiative. The company posted details of the partnership on Youtube, writing, "Sarah Jessica Parker is back as Carrie Bradshaw! After a rematch with the infamous bus, she's decided to change up her usual cosmopolitan for a Stella Artois. If every pour of Stella Artois can help provide access to clean water for someone in need, why choose anything else? Join Carrie as she chooses to change up the usual and do good."

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Stella Artois promises that ever purchase of a Limited-Edition Chalice or Stella Artois in the US will help provide clean water for someone in the developing world. A good cause that also gets us more Carrie Bradshaw? We're on board!

Sex and the City has been making a lot of headlines lately, first when Parker's longstanding feud with her co-star Kim Cattrall flared up and then again when Chris Noth, who played Carrie's one true love, Big, revealed that his character would have been killed off in the canceled third Sex and the City movie.

Sex and the City is currently streaming on HBO Now and Amazon Prime.