Sesame Street launches its 34th season Monday on PBS (check local listings), and with all that's going on in the world, it's not a moment too soon. Once again, producers have recruited some big names as upcoming guests, including First Lady Laura Bush, Natalie Portman, Wayne Brady, Diane Sawyer, Nick and Aaron Carter, and Sheryl Crow. But for our money, the real star on this block remains a certain dessert-obsessed rascal named Cookie Monster. So, in honor of the show's return, we asked Cookie if he would feast on our Seven Silly Questions. And to our delight, he threw us a few crumbs — and then some.

TV Guide Online: What's your favorite kind of cookie?
Cookie Monster:
Oh, that tough question! Me love all cookie! Chocolate chip, oatmeal, pecan sandy. Me equal-opportunity monster.

TVGO: What are your feelings on netheads dismantling cookies?
Wha? Wha? Wha? Dismantling cookie? What they do that for? Cookie harmless. Cookie no hurt anyone. Why dismantle innocent, yet tasty snack treat?

TVGO: What's your second favorite food?
Uh, that tough question. Me have to say... cookie!!!

TVGO: How do you keep your coat so lustrous?
Raw cookie dough.

TVGO: Did you audition for Fox's new Muppet Show?
Me did, but they turn Cookie down. Me did get job, though. Me playing part of shag carpet on That '70s Show.

TVGO: Any resentment of being branded a cookie monster instead of merely a cookie enthusiast or cookie aficionado?
Monster is just me last name. But me thinking of changing it.

TVGO: We hear Oscar's a real grouch around the set. Care to comment?
Yeah, Oscar pretty grouchy, but nothing compared to Elmo. Sure, Elmo seem sweet on outside, but eat seven boxes of his thin mints, and it a whole other story.