Question: Have you seen the new ABC promo pics of Grey's Anatomy? It seems that Bailey is going to visit Izzie at the house, and the chief knows Callie lives in the hospital!

Answer: I'm seriously going to have to sit those ABC folks down and talk to them about ruining Grey's for me. Enough is enough! Hey, did you see Matt Roush's review of the first two episodes? And can you believe he wouldn't give me any spoilers to share with you guys, citing some confidentiality agreement he signed with ABC? He's so not borrowing the Lost screener I just anonymously received in a brown paper bag under my door. Luckily, I've got other Grey's sources, and they tell me that two characters end up in quarantine for most of the first episode, someone makes an ultimatum that could end a relationship, and we'll learn immediately with whom Meredith's panties ended up.