The second that Don brought home the preteen whose mother had just been murdered, I literally thought, "Can we keep him?" I know it isn't as easy as adopting a puppy, but watching Don, his dad and Charlie all interact with this little man added such an interesting dynamic to this show. Sure, he's probably happy with his grandmother halfway across the country, but I think he would have fit in well with this boys' club. I did like that Alan said that watching Don with the kid gave him hope for future grandchildren. Let's hope so. Much as I love all the crime solving, it would be nice if the hard-working guys on this show had some fun dating games that didn't involve their cases or work. The case itself was very timely and ripped from the headlines again, but the math this week was so over my head. There were anomalies and imperfect equations with no clear answers. I don't get those kind of puzzles, I like the logic with one answer, I must have slept through the randomness class. Instead, I found myself wondering if real mathematicians still use chalkboards like in Good Will Hunting, or if in this day in age most of their stuff is done on fancy calculators, Palm Pilots and computers. Either way, I'm glad that there are people like Charlie out there to figure out this stuff and that I'm not the one having to do it.