When you think of TV's great musicals, you probably think of Bette Midler in Gypsy or Brandy in Cinderella... highfalutin fare like that. But us? No way, man. We think of Shannen Doherty in 1997's rockin' revamp of All About Eve, Friends 'Til the End.

Although NBC's story of sorority girls gone wild was never heralded as the classic that it was, it introduced to a small cult of us true film buffs the vocal talents of the former 90210 vixen (not to mention those of her rival, future Dark Angel co-star Jennifer Blanc). How good is the host of Sci Fi's Scare Tactics (Fridays at 10 pm/ET)? The movie made even her think twice about a recording career!

"I'd love to," Doherty tells TV Guide Online, laughing. "But there've only been a few actresses who have done it and been successful... like Jennifer Lopez. You don't really get an opportunity to be criticized fairly; it's like, 'Oh, another actress thinking she can sing.'" (Obviously, she hasn't heard Jennifer Love Hewitt's albums.)

So, despite her obvious gifts, the could've-been contender would prefer to do her warbling in the shower and let other, lesser talents steal her rightful place in the pop pantheon. "My acting is my first love and will be the one thing that I concentrate on the most," she insists, much to our chagrin. "If something happens in music, then great — there's always opportunities to do a musical. But cutting a CD is not on the top of my list of priorities."
— with additional reporting by Michael Ausiello