Forget Trista and Ryan's wedding. Turk and Carla's nuptials tonight on Scrubs (9:30 pm/ET) promise to be the TV wedding of the decade. But don't tune in expecting the carefully orchestrated and executed circus, er, ceremony that ABC and Bachelorette producers whipped up. This is a Scrubs wedding, which can mean only one thing: Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. But when asked what to expect in the third-season ender, Judy Reyes, who plays Carla, would only say, "It's going to be quite a ride... because of the nature of the show and the people who are getting married."

Here's what else we know: Turk (Donald Faison) takes an extra shift at the hospital on the day of the ceremony, vowing to his anxious fianc&#233e that he'll get to the church on time. Needless to say, complications arise and pandemonium ensues as the dashing doc races against the clock to meet his bride-to-be at the altar.

At least Carla will look beautiful amid the chaos. "It's a dress that I absolutely love," gushes Reyes. "And when I put it on, I knew it was Carla's wedding dress. It's not the dress that I [personally] would wear, but I think it's absolutely gorgeous."

And while the presence of Carla's Turk-hating brother (Six Feet Under's Freddy Rodriguez) will no doubt up the tension factor for the already jittery couple, one thing there won't be is an impassioned outburst &#244 la The Graduate from suspected secret-torch carrier Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley). "I think that they've really evolved into a profound relationship; they're probably the best of friends," muses Reyes. "He understands that the love that Carla and Turk have is for real."

Although there is a tendency for some TV relationships to fizzle once the courtship phase is over, Reyes doesn't seem too concerned that that will be the case for Carla and Turk. In a possible playful poke at a certain venerable but soon-to-be-defunct NBC comedy, the actress asserts, "We didn't play the 'will they, won't they?' game that some shows do. We went right to it so we can go right to what it's like to be a married couple and deal with those issues."

And she isn't worried that the duo's storylines will be relegated to the back burner once they're wed: "There are a lot of married people on the staff, so I think they're well-equipped with enough stories [about newlyweds] for at least a whole season."