I'll never be too mature to laugh at the phrase "Sacred Fart." J.D.'s pre-30th-birthday vandalism to the hospital's entrance sign still has me giggling as do the particulars of his Mexican-themed fiesta Evite ("Cuando? Ocho-thirty until upside-down question mark") and the now-indelible mental image of Zach Braff in a Speedo. We also manage to make our way through quite a bit of housekeeping in this pair of episodes: J.D. and Elliot officially mend their friendship after last season's you-broke-my-heart fiasco; Elliot dumps recurring guest-star

Josh Randall (seriously, what do you think his bedroom fantasy was?); J.D. moves in with Elliot so Carla and Turk are free and clear to proceed with the baby-making; and Elliot finally stops all this scary fellowship/scarier free-clinic nonsense and gets back her job at Sacred Heart. Always good when we can get back to the comedy status quo.

Some of my other faves: J.D.'s Jiggly Ball-related injuries ("I think there may be something wrong with my spine, because I'm not doing that"); Turk carrying on a meaningful conversation with his arm jammed inside a vending machine ("I paid for my Rolos, I'm gettin' my Rolos"); and the mighty triumvirate of songs from the '70s and '80s in the first episode, from "Kung Fu Fighting" to "Safety Dance" to even a brief mention of "Der Kommissar." How could you not love this show?

And if I could lay on just a little more unabashed praise, I gotta give a fatty shout-out to the writers and the inimitable John C. McGinley for continuing to find new punch lines for the still hilarious calling-J.D.-by-girls'-names gag, here in Season 5 no less. Case in point: "Priscilla, I honestly on my mother's grave thought your real name was Carol." With Arrested Development off the schedule indefinitely, I'm glad there's at least one place we can go every week for a delicious dose of the absurd.