Hold on a sec let me make sure I fully understand what's going on here. Not only do we get an entire episode celebrating the honor and glory of the great American air band, but we also get air versions of Loverboy

, Boston, Fountains of Wayne and Bel Biv DeVoe? Somebody pinch me. And for those of you who adored Turk's "Kung Fu Fighting" sequence last month, I submit for your approval the sheer magic that is his performance of BBD's "Poison." (Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Donald Faison has had that choreography in his back pocket since junior high? Three words: aged to perfection.) Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I suppose I'm ready to move on to our relevant bit of sweeps-related stunt casting. Get it? Because Mandy Moore dates Zach Braff in real life, that's why it's... never mind. Cool wirework aside, Moore's superklutz routine wears thin pretty quickly; luckily for all of us, she's a natural when it comes to comic timing (if you haven't seen Saved!, do yourself a favor and check it out), and she makes the most of her character's response to all things humorous "that's so funny" from J.D.'s sex gong to Uncle Buck's giant pancake. Other highlights: Carla gets to do voice-overs! A cameo from Billy Dee (Lannndo!) Williams! Hot girl-on-girl smoochies! Not to mention everybody's favorite party game, "Hide the Saltine." But my favorite rant of the evening typically an honor reserved for His McGinleyness this time goes to Kelso: "I have many more pressing issues, starting with a gigantic paralyzed wife and ending with a gay son who has just written a scathing musical about me called 'Dr. Dad,' which, despite mixed reviews, has just been held over in Buffalo." Hey, Bob-o, can you get me box seats?