Zach Braff and Donald Faison Zach Braff and Donald Faison

Donald Faison says moving to ABC hasn't changed Scrubs. It's still the same medical dramedy you learned to love over seven years at NBC. The characters are the same, though we'll learn more about them as this spring's episodes culminate in the departure of series lead Zach Braff. Will Scrubs go on without J.D.? Faison ain't saying, but with a new batch of interns and the comedy as snappy as ever, the prognosis is good. Read on to see who might stay on duty at Sacred Heart, the show's connection to Gremlins and what Faison has in common with the boys of Bell Biv Devoe. How do you like your new home over there at ABC?
Donald Faison: I love the promos, I'll tell you that. I think this is the most we've been promoted in eight years. It's nice to have a little buzz going for the show. That's always a great thing. Have you noticed anything in particular that has changed with the network switch?
Faison: Nope, it's basically the same as before. Are you playing Turk differently at all now that he's a dad?
Faison: It's the same character. He's still dancing up a storm, and he's still totally in love with J.D. How'd you like working with Glynn Turman [who played a terminally ill patient in Episode 2]?
Faison: That was the first time I'd worked with Glynn, and I've always wanted to. I've been a big fan of his ever since Gremlins. He played the teacher. The kid brought Gizmo to him, and the other Mogwai killed him. How did you like working with Courteney Cox? She seems really funny in this.
Faison: She was into it. I only had one scene with her, unfortunately. But she's definitely cool to hang out with! Zach Braff has announced that this will be his last season. You have a bunch of new interns this season. Everyone keeps saying that this is the last season of Scrubs. But is it really?
Faison: I don't know what's going to happen. I think a lot of people might come back if we're a fit on ABC — except Zach. Is there a chance that Turk might stick around?
Faison: I'm not going to say no, but I'm not in position to say yes. Would I like to continue doing Scrubs? Of course. It's a great time. It not only made all my dreams come true, but it's a pretty easy job to do after eight years. Will I? I can't say yet. Judy Reyes [who plays Faison's wife] has said she won't come back after this season, right?
Faison: Well, that's what she's quoted as saying. I don't know if she really feels that way. I don't want to speak for anybody. All I can tell you is that Zach is definitely not coming back. The first two episodes were nice bookends of the show. The first is kind of a straight comedy and the second is more poignant. Which do you like playing more? Is one easier than the other?
Faison: I think it all works. Is one more difficult? No, both are difficult. If it was easy, there'd be a billion working actors in the world. They'd all have their own shows. It's always challenging. It makes it more challenging to have to be funny and then switch right to the drama. I like both. I'm glad that we went back to that [formula] because, for a while, we were out there. Don't get me wrong, I like stoner humor too, but you can't be there forever. Ultimately, what do you think Turk wants for J.D.?
Faison: Just like when all relationships end, I'm sure he just wants J.D. to be happy. I hope J.D. doesn't find another Turk. Then there'd be war. There's nothing like a lover scorned. Do you think J.D. should end up with Elliott?
Faison: I definitely think J.D. should end up with Elliott at some point. I think when they do hook up, it will be forever. I think J.D. has sown his oats. I think he's ready for it. One of my favorite scenes from Scrubs is you dancing to "Poison." (
Faison: That's a lot of people's favorite scene. When you look up Bell Biv Devoe on YouTube, I show up before they do. When I run into them, they don't say anything to me so maybe they don't know about it yet. What kind of trouble is Turk going to get into this season?
Faison: A lot of things are going to happen. There are going to be issues about sex between Turk and Carla. Let's leave it at that.