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Yikes! Cabe Risks His Life on Scorpion's Harrowing Midseason Finale

Team Scorpion is here to save the (holi)day!

Hanh Nguyen

Team Scorpion is here to save the (holi)day!

OnScorpion's midseason finale on Monday (9/8c, CBS), the gang is called in when a dam starts to crack and threatens to flood the town below. And true to his Terminator 2 roots, Robert Patrick proves that he's still a badass in an insane action scene that may have cowed lesser mortals.

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"Robert Patrick does this amazing stunt that's basically crawling down the face of the dam in a harness," executive producer Nicholas Wootton tells "It's really harrowing; it's like a 200-foot dam face that's really vertical. He's strapped into it, trying to fix this dam."

But Cabe (Patrick) isn't the only one on the team risking their neck. "We also had one sequence where we're clearing out a turnbine that's been causing this flooding and cracking of this dam," Wootton adds. "It's an interior shot with a lot of water where ultimately Happy (Jadyn Wong) gets sucked into it and into an outflow pipe and is going toward the turbine."

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Despite Happy's water-logged plight and the story line, the production team was very mindful about not using a lot of water on set. "There's a major drought in the western United States, especially the southwest, and we just couldn't use that water," executive producer Nick Santora says. "We didn't feel that it was responsible." Instead, production used CGI and reclaimed and recycled water for most of the rain shots and Happy's turbine stunt.

Check out a preview of the episode and then read on to find out what else you can expect from Scorpion's winter finale:

Walter's emotional dam is breaking "Walter (Elyes Gabel) really hasn't processed his sister [Megan]'s death," Wootton says. "So it has been preying upon him, and we'll start to see in this episode that it is actually bubbling out. He's actually seen by numerous members of the team sort of talking to himself. He doesn't realize he's doing it, or he doesn't care and he explains that he's just running calculations. But what Toby diagnoses it really is his internal monologue is starting to come out." Watch the video below for Toby's first clue that Walter really is losing it:

Paige will awaken Walter's EQ As usual, it's up to Paige (Katharine McPhee) to get Walter in touch with his emotions. "Paige is the one who really sees what's going on with him and she's the one who brings him to this next stage," Wootton says. "The episode is called 'Dam Breakthrough,' but he has a breakthrough of his own in which he starts to come to grips with the fact that [Megan] is gone and makes sort of a grand gesture in tribute to her." Santora adds, "Let's just say we use the rocket that's been sitting in that garage for a long time." To coincide with this breakthrough, Paige and Walter will also have a moment at the end of the episode to acknowledge other feelings.

Sylvester has become a wise man Even though Sylvester (Ari Stidham) is suffering the same loss as Walter since he had married Megan (Camille Guaty) after all, he's dealing with her death head-on. "He's sort of the yin to Walter's yang on this. He really has processed it," Wootton says. "He tells Happy in this episode that every second that they spent together was perfect. Anything Megan needed, they did. There was never a wasted moment because they knew they had no moments to waste." At the end of the episode, Walter and Sylvester will have a bonding moment.

Toby channels the Grinch "There's a bit of a humbug from Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) at the beginning, a disbelief in the Christmas spirit," Wootton says. "That's sort of the crux of it, whether or not they're able to harness the Christmas spirit and the unity of a community that may actually be flooded by the dam break." But fear not, he too will get a happy ending (so to speak) that may or may not include roast beast. Santora says, "At the end of the Christmas episode, there's a moment between Happy and Toby that I think the fans will enjoy quite a bit, but not as much as Toby enjoys it." Meet Toby the Grinch below:

Ralph is a helpful elf This season, Paige's son Ralph (Riley B. Smith) has really become an active part of the team, and he'll continue to contribute in the midseason finale. "He actually helps save the day at the end," says Wootton. "He's sort of the off-site go-to. He comes in with a fix at the end that is integral to the conclusion. And then we see him at the end when we're wrapping it up as well."

A twist on Christmas cheer Expect a visit from Santa and also some genius innovations when it comes to decorations. Santora teases, "Christmas lights actually play into the plot of the show and the desire to make fake snow is integral to the plot." Check out this sneak peek about fake snow... and a ferret:

Let it snow in the new year "Ironically, our big snow episode is not the Christmas episode. It's the first episode back from the holiday break," Santora says. "I can say without hyperbole, it's one of the most visually impressive episodes of television I've ever been involved with. In short, the team winds up in a blizzard on the South Pole. And it looks like a feature film. It's amazing."

Scorpion airs its midseason finale on Monday at 9/8c on CBS.

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