Question: Any scoop on the new season of The Sopranos, other than the fact that they are going to make us wait in agony for the second part of the season?

Answer: I watched the first four episodes over the weekend and now I know the big twist David Chase and HBO were desperately trying to keep a lid on and it's huge. Actually, this Sunday's episode contains three major jolts, the first of which comes in the opening five minutes (the current Newsweek spoils it, but I'm not going there). HBO will take a bat to my kneecaps if I say anything else. But who am I kidding, I'd gladly lose my legs for you guys. Some other scoop: The March 19 episode contains a Smurf reference, not to mention enough golden material for Edie Falco to mold herself a fourth Emmy. And on March 26, look for two female characters to connect in a very surprising (and unprecedented for The Sopranos) way. I should probably also mention that these first four episodes rank among the best this show has ever produced. It was totally worth the 45-year wait.