Grey's Anatomy by Craig Sjodin/ABC Grey's Anatomy by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Bailey and the gang - but mainly Bailey - will have their hands full in the Grey's Anatomy season opener, when a trio of gal-pals-of-a-certain-age swoop into Seattle Grace.

In the two-hour, Sept. 25 premiere, Bernadette Peters ("Snails?!"), Mariette Hartley (aka James Garner's" "wife") and Kathy Baker ( Picket Fences ) will guest-star as friends who each require the hospital's care. (All encased in the same slab of concrete?)

Mind you, this comes on the same night that Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprises his role of Denny Duquette, though I have to imagine that is in a very separate story line. - Matt Mitovich

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