Question: Any scoop on Entourage?

Answer: I watched the first three episodes of Season 3 over the weekend, and I'm happy to report that our boys are still on top of their game. Much of the early action focuses on the opening of "Aquaman" and Vincent's efforts to convince his skittish, New York-based mom (Mercedes Ruehl) to fly out to L.A. and be his date at the premiere. Meanwhile, box-office-obsessed Ari whose new agency is up (and barely) running freaks out when a huge blackout hits the West Coast on opening day, shutting down hundreds of theaters. He has several priceless encounters with Lloyd, but Jeremy Piven's first Emmy-worthy moment takes place during an emergency counseling session with his wife. You'll know you're there when Ari name-drops Jacko. (And wait until you meet Ari's new nemesis. It's so perfect, it's brilliant.) But the big news comes in Episode 3, when the boys' entire dynamic is threatened when Vince foolishly welcomes an old friend into his entourage. I say "foolishly" because the newbie manages to rob a store, attack a photographer and hire a prostitute all in the first 15 minutes. No small feat, that.