Saturday Night Live opened this week with Alec Baldwin returning as a flustered Trump confronting the reality of having to come through on his many campaign promises. Baldwin was again across from Kate McKinnon, except instead of doing her Hillary she transformed into a regretful Kellyanne Conway (Trump's final campaign manager.)

Hosted by former cast member and break out star Kristen Wiig, SNL kept up its cameo streak, with both Steve Martin and Will Forte joining Wiig onstage for the opening monologue, which was just a little educational ditty about Thanksgiving.

The upcoming holiday, along with post-election blues was a major theme for the show, and they really nailed the spirit of the season with perhaps the most brutally honest Target commercial ever.

The return of Wiig (it was her second time hosting) was uniquely comforting and cozy, with the cast clearly enjoying playing against her and visibly beaming at her during skits as she inhabited some of the characters she originated, including the excitable Sue.

It was truly delightful to watch her and McKinnon side by side as two flirty and elderly cat enthusiasts on "Whiskers R We", both seemingly on the verge of breaking the entire time.

However there was at least one viewer who wasn't feeling the love for Wiig's cozy homecoming. Taking to his late night Twitter, President-elect Trump blasted it as a "totally one-sided, biased show - nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?"

While SNL has been unapologetically pro-Clinton throughout the election, it did take a moment this week to poke a little gentle fun at its own with a high-concept commercial for "The Bubble"- a sophisticated urban community determined to go on as though the election never happened and half the country doesn't exist, literally cut off from the world in a bubble.

SNL returns 12/3 with host Emma Stone and musical guest Shawn Mendes.