Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin

Did Sarah Palin ask for $1 million an episode to do a second season of her ratings-rich Sarah Palin's Alaska? Did the former governor and Vice Presidential candidate reject TLC's offer of another season? Or did TLC pull the plug for political reasons, worried about the practicality of running a second season with a (possible) presidential candidate? The answer: none of the above.

A TLC source tells TV Guide Magazine that the series was always planned as an "eight-week television event," as originally announced last fall, and there haven't been any discussions about continuing. "We never said this would be a recurring series," adds the source. Would the network work with the Palin again? "Possibly, but there is nothing to announce," the source adds. "There have been no discussions with the Palins about the future."

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