Shedding for the Wedding Shedding for the Wedding

As host of the new weight-loss competition Shedding for the Wedding, bride-to-be Sara Rue (she's engaged to teacher Kevin Price) has more than just fabulous prizes to offer the overweight engaged couples. She recently lost 50 pounds as a Jenny Craig spokesperson, so she's living proof that the contestants can slim down, too.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you looking to do a reality show?
Rue: Doing my weight loss so publicly has been an incredibly empowering experience. To be part of the journey with these people was too good to turn down.

TV Guide Magazine: How do the couples fare?
Rue: We haven't shot the finale yet, so I haven't seen how they look after they go home, but I hear there are some major transformations.

TV Guide Magazine: Does the competition take a toll on any of them?
Rue: I think so. I never wanted anyone to get in a fight with his or her partner, but toward the end it got intense.

TV Guide Magazine: Next week you return to Rules of Engagement as a surrogate mother for Jeff and Audrey. What happens?
Rue: You'll see the insemination process begin. It's something that hasn't been shown much on TV. The writers are doing a really good job of being respectful, but also keeping it funny.

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