Samantha Tries to Match Her Carpet and Drapes All Samantha wants to do is get everything ready for her big night with Kevin, but when her well-intentioned friend Dena suggests she have her "carpet match her drapes," she mistakenly assumes that all this innocent phrase means is to match your bra and panties. Whoops. Hopefully Sam doesn't share her fun new term with anyone else - like, say, her ex - cuz that'd be really embarrassing. Oh wait, she does! Watch it now! |

More online videos Oprah Backs Obama Well, it's no mystery who Oprah will be voting for in '08! At a campaign rally in Iowa on Saturday, the talk-show queen described campaigning for this presidential candidate as "very, very personal." With Winfrey appearing at rallies in South Carolina and New Hampshire as well, the only question now is will this "Double O" tour take the nation by storm? In less than a year we'll find out. More online videos Say Bye-Bye to Ted's Tramp-Stamp So sad after all the joy everyone has had mocking Ted about his butterfly tattoo on the small of his back, he's decided to go and get it removed. But don't worry, the fun won't stop, because he's dating the doctor who'll be doing the removal. Clearly he didn't get the memo about Barney's "Platinum Rule" (you know, the one right above the Golden Rule). Barney puts it best when he says never to, ahem, "poop where you eat." Watch it now! | More online videos CSI: Miami Actors Heart David Caruso When you think about CSI: Miami chances are you think of Horatio Cane delivering one of his classic one-liners or nonchalantly donning those shades of his. Go behind the scenes with the cast of the crime drama to hear what they think of the man behind the sunglasses. We're gonna have to agree with Eva LaRue - he does get all the good Terminator lines! Watch it now! | More online videos Paranormal State Seeks Out the Dead Most college kids fill their days with classes, homework and partying (not necessarily in that order), but one group of Penn State students spend their time a bit differently - examining everything and anything paranormal. A&E is set to kick off their new series Paranormal State tonight, and by the looks of this preview, it seems as though they found a small boy who sees dead people. Wonder if he knows Haley Joel Osment. (Come on, that was funny.) Watch it now! | More online videos For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!