Actor William Sadler is best known for serious roles in films like The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Still, the 54-year-old has a sense of humor. After all, he did play the Grim Reaper in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey! He taps into his funny side again in the new Fox comedy Wonderfalls (Fridays at 9 pm/ET). His role is Darrin, Jayne's loving yet outspoken father — and as Sadler points out, a young lady who converses with inanimate objects needs a firm parental hand.

"[Darrin] isn't like the father on Malcolm in the Middle, who is overtly wacky. He's more curmudgeonly," he tells TV Guide Online. "He's one of those conservative types, who works hard and cares a lot. He's a man of measured mirth, except for the side of him that feels the need to write and sing songs about the Republican party."

Sounds catchy! Will we be hearing Sadler's vocal stylings on any upcoming episodes? "We haven't done the singing thing yet," he says. "I keep writing songs and pitching them. I wrote one called, 'What Would the Gipper Do?' It's about a dream where Ronald Reagan comes to me in the night and tells me we should cut taxes again."

Darrin's voice may never be heard if Wonderfalls — a low-rated critical darling — doesn't pick up Nielsen steam soon. Sadler laments the lack of viewership, and hopes that executive producer Tim Minear's desperate Internet plea creates some interest. "I pray that it helps," he says with a sigh. "It just takes people a little time to catch on. You have to meet the characters, get the premise, watch an episode or two — and then I know the charm will take hold.

"It is one of the brightest, funniest things that I have ever been involved with and it deserves a shot," he continues. "I have no doubt whatsoever that it will catch on, if it is on [the air] long enough. [Unless Fox] insists on killing it after [a few] airings. What are they thinking? What are they going to put on instead? Professional wrestling?"