Katee Sackhoff by Alan Zenuk/NBC Photo Katee Sackhoff by Alan Zenuk/NBC Photo

Katee Sackoff, who plays rogue beta model Sarah Corvus on Bionic Woman, could be completely done with NBC's struggling series, and not because of the writers' strike. According to the blog of at least one Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1/ Atlantis convention attendee, Sackoff said at a public Q&A that she has a meeting with one of the producers after Thanksgiving, but does not expect to return to the show even if it does resume production. Sackhoff never came out and explicitly stated the reason for her breakup with the show, but reportedly through thinly veiled sassy comments and during a more private confab at a luncheon table, suggested "there isn't a lot of love going on between her and Michelle Ryan," says the blogger. - Erin Fox

UPDATE: Another attendee of the convention refutes the above account, saying in her own blog that during the public Q&A "at no time did Katee Sackhoff say that she was quitting the show or that she had any problem with Michelle Ryan. She did say that the show was a 'clusterfrak'" - and we, in turn, love her turn of a phrase!