Who's that adorable groom-to-be in The In-Laws, you ask? He's not yet a household name, but Ryan Reynolds is known to fans of ABC's defunct Two Guys and A Girl. (Er, anyone?) He started out on the sitcom in 1998, when it still had the cumbersome Pizza Place attached to the title. After doing that mess, we wouldn't blame him for fleeing the small screen forever. Will he ever be back?

"I haven't considered [a return to TV]," Reynolds tells TV Guide Online, then diplomatically adds: "But I wouldn't say no if something really great came along. I [would demur] from doing Van Wilder 2, but that's the only thing I'm actively avoiding!"

However, he was very happy to say "I do" to co-starring in The In-Laws, even if acting alongside big names like Albert Brooks and Michael Douglas meant his role was a bit on the small side. "This was a huge opportunity, to work with Albert Brooks," says the 26-year-old. "So there were a couple of tradeoffs...

"I didn't get to soar, in my usual jackass way," he adds with a laugh. "It was fun, but it was just [good] being part of a great film and getting to work with great people. That's why you do this. It's a dream come true to work with people you want to work with."