On CBS' new series Rush Hour, Justin Hires and Jon Foo are taking on the roles of Det. Carter and Det. Lee, which were originated by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the film trilogy. They're big shoes to fill, but Hires and Foo aren't letting expectation get to them, choosing instead to focus on the job at hand.

It's a new experience for both actors. Before Rush Hour, Foo mostly worked as a stuntman and actor in Hong Kong action movies, and this is his first time starring in TV series and the first time he's had to emote as well as fight. For Hires, the physical demands are a challenge.

But both actors relish the chance to get to do a blend of action, comedy and drama and bring to life characters they believe show positive messages. See what else they say in the video above.

Rush Hour breathes new life into the classic action comedy

Rush Hour premieres Thursday at 10/9c on CBS.

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