Rosie O'Donnell, <I>Rosie Live!</i> Rosie O'Donnell, Rosie Live!

Christmas has come early. Just days after her Rosie Live! turned up DOA in the Nielsens (as well as in countless critics and viewers' notebooks), Rosie O'Donnell has written off her NBC variety show as a one-trick pony.

Ro wrote in her blog, "there will b no more," responding to one fan's inquiry as to the possibility of follow-up variety shows in 2009. Alluding to "no ratings" and "bad reviews" as factors in her decision, O'Donnell maintains that the experiment was "still a thrill 4 me."

Elsewhere in her reader forum, O'Donnell acknowledged that "a live show has risks" and said, "i am happy 2 have had the opportunity."

Rosie Live! mustered a mere five million viewers in its Thanksgiving Eve broadcast — falling shy of even Knight Rider's worst performance to date in the time slot.