After failed stints as a talk-show host and a reality-TV star, Roseanne is heading back to the genre that launched her career and turned her into an insufferable egomaniac. The Emmy-winner will appear in a November sweeps episode of CBS's Two and a Half Men as the sister of Charlie Sheen's maid, played by Conchata Ferrell. The sitcom gig, only her second since Roseanne went kaput in 1997 (she also did an episode of The Nanny), reunites the onetime Domestic Goddess with Men creator and ex-Roseanne scribe Chuck Lorre. "I haven't worked with her since 1992, so it's exciting," Lorre tells TV Guide Online. "I learned a lot [on Roseanne]. It was tough, but I learned a lot." Like, for example, it can get really hot in hell.