During the filming of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Emma Watson — who plays know-it-all Hermione Granger — faced many a challenge, including being turned into a cat and petrified. But the scene that caused her the greatest hardship was the one which required her to — yikes — hug a boy! And not just any boy: The 12-year-old actress had to wrap her arms around Harry Potter himself — fellow Brit Daniel Radcliffe.

"It [made me] cringe," Watson squeamishly admits. "It's weird to hug somebody in front of 300 kids and everybody else in the whole entire world."

Luckily, her 13-year-old co-star was a perfect gentleman. "He was really nice about it," she notes of Radcliffe. "You'd think he might be like, 'Eww, get off of me!' But he wasn't. It was very nice."

"I was thinking, 'Get off me!' actually," adds Radcliffe with a laugh. "No, I wasn't. I was cool with it. I didn't mind at all."

Well, now that Watson has revealed her least favorite sequence in Chamber of Secrets — opening Nov. 15 — which one did she like best? "My favorite bits in this movie [were] probably the Gilderoy Lockhart scenes," she smirks. "I thought [they were] pretty good." Sounds like someone would have rather hugged Kenneth Branagh!