Roger Daltrey didn't invent the term "Sex, Drugs and Rock &#038 Roll," but as the lead singer of The Who — a band whose outrageous antics are the stuff of rock legend — he certainly helped perpetuate the genre's outlandish image. So it's a bit ironic to hear that he'll be playing, of all things, a man of the cloth on tonight's episode of TNT's new supernatural series Witchblade.

Daltrey guest stars as Father Aloysha Petrosian, a Catholic priest who gets caught in the crossfire over allegations that the Vatican and Nazis might have been allies during WWII. "It's a little controversial," Daltrey tells TV Guide Online. "There's quite a lot of evidence of their alleged knowledge of what the Nazis were doing — and they didn't decry it. It's pretty interesting."

Since making his big-screen debut as Tommy Walker — the deaf, dumb and blind kid who defeated the Pinball Wizard (played by Elton John) in The Who's 1975 rock opera, Tommy — Daltrey has maintained an eclectic acting career to say the least. In addition to television credits that include Rude Awakening and Leprechauns, he's played dozens of offbeat roles, including a turn as the Tin Man in a concert version of The Wizard of Oz. Later this year, he can be seen opposite Nastassja Kinski and Nicolette Sheridan in .Com for Murder.

"Acting was always something to do when The Who weren't working," says Daltrey. "For me, The Who are the main priority, but I do take acting very seriously." When asked who gets better groupies, actors or rock stars, the father of five laughingly replies, "Well, I don't go there anymore, but actors do get to kiss some very beautiful actresses."