Rod Lurie by E. Charbonneau/ Rod Lurie by E. Charbonneau/

The man who brought you Commander in Chief next wants to bring you a woman who commands bucks in the boudoir. Writer-producer Rod Lurie is teaming with Showtime on Hilary Jones, a drama about a Los Angeles vice cop by day/legal Nevada hooker by night. (OK, technically she splits her duties week versus weekend, but that would have mangled my nice little sentence there.)

Lurie tells the Reporter that he took the project to Showtime because of similarities between his anti-heroine and Weeds' pot-peddling momma. "[Nancy Botwin] is so likeable, and that's what I want to accomplish with [Hilary]," he says, calling Jones a "fascinating" woman "who believes in the law who ends up working both sides of a prostitution ring."

OK, which of you wants to be the first person to bring up Secret Diary of a Call Girl? - Matt Mitovich