Since Rochell Thomas graciously filled in for me on Tuesday evening, I'm taking on "Must-See TV" night in her stead.

Will & Grace
Will's turning 40! A few observations on this momentous occasion:

1. I forget how old Eric McCormack is — look it up if you really care — but he's making 40 look damn good. Normally, Will Truman doesn't do it for me at all, but with that short haircut and striped black dress shirt... hmm...
2. When Grace spilled Vince's birthday-gift idea (a spare key to his place), Will's reaction was so nerdily cute: "I love it. It's a mature step in our relationship. I can't wait to trace it in my journal tonight!"
3. This was one of those times when Grace's codependent interference wasn't funny. She came off bitter and unpleasant, like a beeyatch who needs a life. I don't like her sometimes.
4. That said, Will and Vince deconstructing Grace's manipulative female tricks — fake crying, the hair-flip — did make me chuckle.
5. TV cop Bobby Cannavale reminds me a lot of TV cop Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond. Only he's cuter and not as Frankenstein-ish.
6. Karen and Jack need to stop bringing up Stan. Suddenly the dead zillionaire has the same birthday as Will? Whatever. This is really reaching. Stan's, like, two husbands ago. Give the Widow Karen something new to do! Megan Mullally's hair, however, looks fabulous.

The silly challenges looked boring and hard to follow, so the show couldn't hold my attention tonight. Sorry, Survivor addicts. I just felt sad and embarrassed for the contestants when they appeared so enthused over such a meager reward challenge — Pringles and beer? That's it? And how odd that there was a name-brand potato chip sponsor, but the beer was just "beer." No label, just a generic-looking bottle of suds. If there's some reason they couldn't hawk an alcoholic beverage, they should've had a big-name soft-drink prize instead. Some exec on this plug-crazy show missed a golden product-placement opportunity — and to that person I say, "You're fired!"

Sorry, I guess I must just be enthused about watching this week's episode of...

The Apprentice
Watching the opening credits, I realized that Donald Trump has such a ghetto private jet. It's just dumpy old 727. Dictators of third-world countries tool around in those things! When I make my money, I'll get with the 21st century and fly me a Gulfstream 4. And who needs their name splashed across the side of the plane? Real VIPs travel under the radar.

Have you noticed that most of the guy Apprenti are gorgeous? They make those dudes on Carmen Electra's all-boy beauty pageant, Manhunt, look lame. My faves are Raj, the bow-tie-wearing Indian guy with those full, sensuous lips, and John the cute, blond Mosaic project manager. But what was up with Chris's comment that he bets Kelly wears pink camouflage underwear? (Oh, excuse me, Chris ignorantly pluralizes the word as "underwears.") Maybe I'm just sensitive, but there was a homophobic tinge to that joke that wasn't nice.

During the runway show, Mosaic's clothes were way better than Apex's. The women's designs were comprised of boring straight lines and primary colors, whilst the men's fashions were edgier and more fun. How did the gals outsell the guys so dramatically? I guess, as Trump pointed out, they did price their clothes too high. Still, I'm glad the men ended up in the boardroom — just because it meant my fave hotties got more screen time. I loved the curmudgeonly George hassling Raj for his contradictory arguments! However, I was disappointed John got fired instead of that boring little Andy. C'mon! That's just not right.

Hey, didja notice President Palmer's scheming brother/chief of staff from 24 playing the pedophile? Creeeeepy.

"What? You've never seen a father breast-feed his kid before?" Like Dr. Carter said, "I can't say as I have." I didn't know they had a supplemental nursing device for men. Um, I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I love babies. On the other... 'nuff said. Movin' on.

By the way, I don't mean to be all Star Jones and brag that I have a man. But I just happen to be dating a doctor (ahem) and he laughed out loud at the scene where Shane West went shopping in the supermarket — with his white lab coat and stethoscope still on! Doctors simply don't walk out of the hospital arrayed in such medical props. It doesn't happen. And West's whole Rebel Without a Cause/medical intern look is just plain ridiculous.