8:12: This is our second look at Penélope. Apparently she aspires to become a photographer. You can be anything you want in that dress. 8:13: Andre Leon Talley is an awkward interviewer! You can inch a little closer to the stars - you

are the Vogue editor-at-large. 8:14: Cameron Diaz speaks about all her friends she's rooting for, but I'm noticing her emerald drop earrings. 8:15: Whatever made Lisa Ling choose that dress is beyond me, but I guess she wants to feel playful after all the serious reporting she does on an everyday basis, so I'll lay off. 8:16: Cate Blanchett looks like she's wearing a constellation. It's a starry, starry night in Hollywood, and she defines Oscar. She is definitely making the list. 8:18: I was right! Ryan Gosling's got his sister and mom at his side, and the scruffy nominee is as humble as ever. 8:19: We just got a pre-commercial shot of Reese Witherspoon. Va-va-voom!