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The mayoral campaign taking front and center on Riverdale is dividing its characters into two camps, Team Lodge and Team Andrews, but those groups might have some unexpected members.

TV Guide caught up with Camila Mendes at PaleyFest on Sunday and asked who Veronica would be voting for in the upcoming election, expecting to hear why the Lodge's for-profit prison plan was actually good for the town and that Veronica is happy to support her mom's political ambitions. Instead, Mendes ominously said, "I can't tell you who she's going to vote for. My lips are sealed."

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Don't worry, we weren't willing to let her get away with that. We pushed to know why Veronica wouldn't necessarily be voting for her mom, especially considering how hard she's been working to make sure that the Lodge's plan to revitalize the South Side comes to fruition.

"There's a betrayal of sorts," Mendes teased.

We know the Lodges are ruthless, but would they really stab their own daughter in the back? Man, this race is going to get nasty!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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