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As Ebola continues to spread across the world, Ridley Scott and producer Lynda Obst have decided to keep moving forward with a limited series about the fatal virus.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair has been working on a project based on Richard Preston's 1994 bestseller The Hot Zone for the past year. They originally optioned the book 20 years ago with plans to turn it into a film starring Jodie Foster.

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Now that the latest outbreak has become the deadliest one to date, Scott and Obst are in talks to option Preston's upcoming article for The New Yorker, which traces the history of the disease, to include in the limited series. Once Obst and Scott incorporate the recent outbreak into the script, they will begin to stop it to networks.

"I think it's the speed with which it kills that makes the disease so frightening," Obst said. "People hoped it would stay in some remote part of the world. But that's a fantasy in the modern world. The modern world makes us one big connected family."

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