Survivorwinner Richard Hatch is taking on the challenge of another reality show to combat his apparent "want" to be overweight.

Hatch, who won the first show of CBS' survival series has joined the Season 17 cast of The Biggest Loser. "If I didn't want to be fat, I wouldn't be fat," he told People. "So, why do I want to be fat? I want to know why so I can see if there is something I can do about wanting something different - something better."

At 54 years old and 314 pounds., Hatch says that while he doesn't have a specific weight goal in mind for the NBC show, he does want to improve his overall health, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Bob Harper is the new host of The Biggest Loser

He credits the issues he's had with his body to "all kinds of interesting little experiences" he had as a kid, including being raped at 8 years old and molested at 10. "At some point, I decided what people thought of my body didn't matter," he says.

The Biggest Loser premieres Monday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c on NBC.