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Reverie Mega Buzz: Mara Isn't Alone With Her Side Effects

But can this person really be trusted?

Tim Surette

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New technology always employs beta testers, but not many new gizmos have the potential to make you lose your mind. That's what might be happening to Mara (Sarah Shahi) in NBC's virtual-reality drama Reverie as she's leaping into the digital unknown to save people who choose VR over real life.

However, her job is having some serious side effects -- hallucinations in the real world, the inability to differentiate real things from fake things -- and she seems to be the only person who is experiencing that. But that's going to change.

In a future episode, we'll learn that Mara isn't alone with her Reverie problems. In fact, she meets this other person when they save her life while she's freshly tripping from a Reverie excursion. But the fact that they share the same issues as Mara isn't the real news here. This person also has a deep connection to Onira Tech, the company behind Reverie, and it could mean big trouble for Charlie (Dennis Haysbert).

Reverie airs Wednesdays at 10/9 on NBC.

Sarah Shahi, Reverie

Sarah Shahi, Reverie

Vivian Zink/NBC