Business is about to pick up at ABC Standards and Practices. Word has it that NYPD Blue's flesh-baring sweethearts Baldwin (Henry Simmons) and Valerie (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon) — who split up last season — may soon rekindle their passionate affair. And that can only mean one thing: More sizzling shower scenes!

"I have a feeling we're going to get together again," Simmons tells TV Guide Online. "That's what we both want. Our favorite scenes on the entire show are when we work together, because we play off each other well, we know each other very well, and, when the characters are together, the [writers] bring us to another level. It's not just cop work, there's a depth to it. They take a different kind of route."

Still, with these two, all paths inevitably lead right back to the bedroom — especially if it's a sweeps month. A reunion seems even more likely now that one major road block has been removed: Baldwin's rebound romance with fellow cop Maya (Tanya Wright) ended last month. "She's gone," he says. "Her partner got shot because she didn't follow procedure. She messed up and she left. She couldn't handle it."

So, how long until he goes running back to his favorite assistant district attorney? "Honestly, they haven't written anything that far yet," he says. "They don't tell me anything. But I have a feeling we might be [getting back together] because their relationship is not quite as abrasive as it used to be. It's softening up a little bit." Did he just make a dirty joke?