ReunionOK, people. Didn't I politely ask all of you to watch Reunion

? Well, ya didn't listen to me. Now the show's coming to an early end. It's bad enough that I'm already mourning the demise of Arrested Development

. Now I gotta start letting go of Reunion, too. Now word has it that we'll get a resolution to this whole mystery of who killed Sam. Here's to hoping that comes true. That said, let's move on to the Thanksgiving celebration.

1992 Soundtrack: Toad the Wet Sprocket All I Want; Blur Theres No Other Way; Eric Clapton Running on Faith

- So Jennas married to big-time action-movie star Jake Terrance. When I first saw that he was going to be joining the six musketeers for dinner, I was wondering if he would hit on Will. And whaddya know, it happened.
- Speaking of Will, I think he should have his own sitcom called "Everybody Loves Will." At that holiday gathering alone: Jake wanted Will. Sam wanted Will. Vanessa wanted Will. Gonzo wanted Will... out of his son's apartment. And then outside, future Captain MajorHottie wanted Will. Actually, he wanted to kill Will. Hmmm... that sounds like it could be a movie.
- While we're on the subject of Majorino, he got a fro and a backstory of his own. He has a wife and kid he neglects because of his 20-year vengeance. Yeah, that's drama. But not Keith-Six-Feet-Under-drama. Just saying.
- Sam outed Craig's affair, Vanessa broke up with Will and Jenna abruptly ended her marriage of convenience to Jakeypoo. Poor formerly abused Carla just couldn't handle the dysfunction. It seemed to me like she would have been the one taking the pills, not Sam.
- Present-day congressman Craig gets up out of his wheelchair and starts walking? Didn't shock me. I enjoyed the twist, but it didn't shock me.