1993 Soundtrack:

Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy";

Spin Doctors "Two Princes"; Soul Asylum "Runaway Train"; R.E.M. "Everybody Hurts"

Craig and his lying old "I'm in a wheelchair" self showed up at Sam's grave on her birthday. Will shows up as well, and they are confronted by some kid who is glad that Sam's dead. After they awkwardly segue back to 1993, we find out that a pill-popping Sam had thought she caused his mothers death. But we can all rest  she's a good doctor. You know how I pretty much go on and on about Sam and Will's chemistry? Well, I always feel justified every time I see scenes between Alexa Davalos and Will Estes. When Sam confessed her pill addiction to Will, it was like practice for when he becomes Father Whatawaste. Now I'm thinking Sean Faris and Amanda Righetti have a nice little rapport going there. Craig and Jenna were back at their old high school, and what did they do? They reminisced about the kiss they shared while Craig and Sam were on a break, plus they stole their permanent records. OK, whatever floats your boat.  

I'm thinking that Carla is the female Will. Who's with me? Nothing ever goes right for her. I'm surprised she didn't become a nun by 2006. But of course, just as Aaron asks her out again, his French one-night stand that he hooked up with in Prague shows up with what she claims is his 3-year-old kid. And he doesn't even ask for a paternity test, even though she tells him she has to go back to Europe pronto because her student visa has expired. At least Carla met someone (Geoff Stults), but we find out in the future (don't know which year) that he's no longer alive. But no year on the tombstone. Thanks Reunion!