What a relief to return to solid spook tales this week.  I was getting tired of the Emilio Estevez clone brother, complete with smirks reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, along with the permanent adolescence of the spirit-chasing brothers. I was also becoming a bit vexed by the ease with which these boy-child siblings were able every week to impersonate individuals unchallenged. And their briefcase of bogus credentials was hard to swallow, particularly since they both look like 16 year-olds.

This week, finally, they follow a case without the helpful clues of their elusive dad (who, by the way, is the deceased husband in Showtime's Weeds. Both are shown only in flashback). Daddy's trail is now stone cold, but they still choose to investigate a mysterious drowning (not the first to occur in the region they visit). Finally, these brothers are driven by principles and passion, not the and disappointing dad hunt. This is the first time we witness the duo investigating an inexplicable and supernatural case without the ulterior motive of finding their father. Like organized crime, ghost-hunting is in the blood and, clearly, it is impossible to break free. This creepy lake tale reminded me of the original Friday the 13th and kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end of the hour. And, like all good mysteries, the answer is in the eye of the beholder.