Question: Are you a relative? I'm from Belmont, Calif., currently living in Santa Rosa. My dad is Frank Ausiello from Revere, Mass. As far as I know, most Ausiello's in the U.S. are related to us.

Answer: Are you seriously the son of Frank Ausiello from Revere, Mass.? If so, you may want to sit down for this: Armand, I am wow, this is harder than I thought. (Come on, Michael: You can do this.) OK, here it goes: Armand, I am in no way related to you. Phew. It's finally out there. What a relief!

OK, on that note, I gotta go baste my Tofurkey for tomorrow's big meal. Happy Thanksgiving to all you AAdicts. I'd be almost nothing without you. And please be advised, Ask Ausiello will be on hiatus next week due to the holiday. (Just love me.) But to make up for it, the Dec. 7 installment will be extra scoop-filled. I promise. (Just love me.)