Question: Have you received any confirmation that Eric Dane is returning to Grey's? Or is it just pure speculation?

Answer: No official confirmation, but there's mounting evidence to suggest that McSteamy will be a major part of Grey's this season. I think I already told you guys that ABC served a special McSteamy martini at its press tour bash. Seems like an odd thing to do if the character weren't coming back. And Shonda Rimes herself admitted in Friday's Grey's-themed Ausiello Report that Dane made a huge splash during his brief, one-episode stint last February. But the most compelling clue comes from a source over at CSI: Miami. My South Beach spy says Dane was originally approached to play Natalia's soon-to-be-introduced shady ex, but Miami producers were informed that he was "unavailable." Rob Estes will now be stalking Eva La Rue instead. Bottom line: McSteamy's McReturning.