The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart had an unfortunate case of foot-in-mouth syndrome recently. During a visit to Savannah's Freedom Trail with her RHOA co-stars that aired on the show Sunday, Stewart displayed a bit of unfortunate ignorance about the Underground Railroad.

The ladies' tour guide brought them to a Baptist church and pointed out ventilation holes in the floor that were used by people crawling underground to escape slavery. "There has to be an opening for the railroad," a dumbfounded Stewart, 31, said.

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Phaedra Parks pointed out to Stewart that the Underground Railroad was a "euphemism" and "not an actual train."

The episode has sparked speculation that Stewart may be dropped from the show before it returns. A Bravo rep told Monday that the network could not comment on casting for the new season yet.

Check out video of the awkward exchange below: