The second part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired Tuesday night and - shocker! - it got messy.

Kim and Kyle Richards, who haven't spoken in three months, had their biggest blowout since the sisters' limo fight, which helped spur Kim's 2011 rehab stint.

"I feel like you have been very mean to me," Kyle told Kim. "I feel like I've been very mistreated by you and I'm just really not in that place right now."

"I actually feel the same way. There's just a lot of things coming up that I wanted to figure out before these things come up," Kim said.

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"So you can disinvite me to your daughter's wedding? That's fine. I don't need to be there," Kyle said, before letting it all out.

"The only reason I've ever tried to fix things with you when you've been so mean to me is because I love your children like I love my own and I want to be able to have them in my life," she continued, getting more upset by the second. "I'm happy to support [your daughter] and all of your children and always be there for them. So if you want to take them from me too, do that. You're so f---ing mean! Just leave me alone!"

The reunion also attempted to solve the biggest mystery of the season: What did Harry do?

Lisa Rinna finally took the opportunity to confront Kim over the insinuations she had made about her husband Harry Hamlin in Amsterdam.

At first, Kim refused to explain what she meant by the comments."I wouldn't do that to you or your children," Kim said, delusionally thinking she was taking the high road.

"Has he f---ed the dog? What has he done? He f---ed the dog, didn't he? I knew it! He f---ed the dog!" Rinna exclaimed.

Eventually, Kim relented and admitted she had no concrete evidence of anything and was just alluding to a rumor she had heard. However, Kim pointed to the fact that the remarks clearly hit a nerve in Lisa as proof that the rumor was true.

So what did Harry do? We still have no clue - but it probably wasn't f---ing the dog.