Ramona Singer by Jay Sullivan/Bravo Photo Ramona Singer by Jay Sullivan/Bravo Photo

If your guilty pleasure entails watching episodes of The Real Housewives ofwell, anywhere, then you'll probably be thrilled to hear we bumped into Mrs. Crazytown herself, Ramona from Housewives of NYC. Cameras were filming her every move for season two of the series as the reality star and daughter Avery made their way down the red carpet for a charity event in the Big Apple.

Looking back at how she came across as a complete wackadoo on the first season, Ramona did have a something to say about her behavior. "There's always editing, and they didn't show all my sides," said the wife and mother. "But if you do it, you have to own it. The thing is I'm spontaneous, and I can get into trouble with that because I don't always think before I speak!" Ummyeah, ya think?

As for the other Real Housewives installments, Ramona's not even giving them a second thought. "[ The Real Housewives of Atlanta] doesn't affect me. It's all different markets. I think our show is one of a kind, and I'm looking forward to extremely high ratings - I know we'll get them too."

So will you be tuning in to Season 2 of the NYC ladies? Think Ramona will be just as off-her-rocker as Season 1? Is anyone else hoping there will someday be a Real Housewives all-stars throwdown series like The Gauntlet? - Gina DiNunno

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