I Hit It First I Hit It First

Just when we were beginning to forget that Kim Kardashian rose to fame after starring in a sex tape, Ray J is here to remind us.

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In his new single "I Hit It First," Kim's ex — and sex tape co-star — references their relationship and her other athlete boyfriends as well as her baby daddy Kanye West. Some sample lyrics: "She might move on to rappers and ballplayers/But we all know I hit it first/I had her head going North and her a-- going South/But now baby chose to go West/No matter where she goes or who she knows/She still belongs in my bed."In case Ray J's lyrics didn't make the subject of the song clear enough, it appears he used a pixelated photo of Kim in a bikini from 2008 as the cover art.

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"Lol have some fun! It's not that serious!! #LIVE!!" Ray J tweeted in response to critics of the song before the track was even leaked. Hopefully, Kim agrees and has a sense of humor about the situation.Check out "I Hit It First" below. (WARNING: The song contains lyrics some might find offensive.)