Ray-J Ray-J

Ray J was arrested for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer Friday night after a woman called 911 claiming that the singer touched her butt.

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According to TMZ, Ray J made contact with the woman's derriere at a Beverly Wilshire Hotel, inciting the woman to report sexual battery. The police arrived and determined the contact was only "incidental" and asked Ray J to leave. But when the former reality star got to the valet area, cops say he became belligerent and refused to drive off.

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That's when hotel security made a citizen's arrest, and the Beverly Hills police took Ray J into custody. He kicked out the back window of the police vehicle and spit in an officer's face.

Ray J, who is the brother of singer Brandy, is also known for having dated Kim Kardashian, who is currently enjoying her romantic honeymoon with Kanye West. 

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